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Make the right choice, every time

Tafadhol helps you make the right decisions for your business when it comes to the most difficult choices

Utilize technology to make the right decisions for you

With Tafadhol we employ AI and machine learning to help you find the optimal matching for any problem set you may need, in the shortest time possible. And at its core is a deterministic matching engine that ensures your output is correct every single time.

Deterministic Matching

Ensuring the optimal output based on your parameters, and achieving the highest possible levels of overall fairness

Versatility with any Data set

Tafadhol is built to accept a wide range of data sets and problems to solve. We can apply our matching core to any data set you have.

Tie-breaking Mechanisms

Tie-breaking is implemented on the deepest level of our matching core, ensuring no two entities are equal.

Endless Scalability 

Tafadhol can handle tens of millions of records with ease. No matter how large your data set is.


Configured to suit your exact problem

All of our solutions are built-to-fit every use case you require, ensuring that your problem is solved optimally and in perfect compatibility to our matching core. Our work consists of the following steps:

  • Assessment of the problem and the available data sets if any.

  • Configuring and preprocessing the data sets or building your data sets from scratch.

  • Building the customized implementation for your problem: including the criteria of differentiation and matching, and any dynamic requirements the problem may need.

  • Integrating with the core matching system of Tafadhol, ensuring the required output is designed.

  • Running the matching cycle or continuous matching cycles depending on your needs, and get the required out


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years in the making


Matchings done


Records Analyzed


Use Cases



Can we solve your problem?

Get in touch and tell us what we can help you. Covering applications like:

  • Matching job applicants to the right / limited position.

  • Downsizing your company and identifying the most valuable resources.

  • Managing proposals for projects and procurement.

Use Cases
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